Where to Buy Coffe Plantation

coffe plantation

Coffe plantation are among the most sought-after types of coffee businesses, but the question is where to buy a plantation? Some large landowners only offer long-term leases for the land they own. For example, 70% of the Kona coffee belt is owned by the Bishop Estate, which the Kamehameha Schools own. Others will let you lease their land for a specific number of years. In any case, buying a coffee plantation is a very profitable investment.


If you are considering purchasing a coffee plantation, the town of Coatepec in Mexico is a perfect place to do so. Located near Xalapa, the state capital, Coatepec is a charming colonial town that sits approximately 4,000 feet above sea level, ideal for growing coffee. In 2006, Coatepec was named a Pueblo Magico, a title given to cities in Mexico with a great combination of cultural and natural riches. Visiting Coatepec is a magical experience.

There are many options for buying coffee plantations in Coatepec. There are various farm options in this part of Mexico, and prices range from as little as US$150,000 for two acres to US$300,000 for dozens of acres. However, bare land is also an option if you are looking to buy an entire farm. Raw land, however, requires a lot more work.

While lowland coffees in Mexico aren’t particularly noteworthy, you can find high-quality coffee in this mountainous region. The high-altitude coffees, known as Altura Coatepec beans, have a nutty, bright, and chocolatey flavor. The high-altitude growing conditions here create a coffee with a distinctly Mexican character. You can purchase a whole lot from a single farm or a bag or two from a cooperative.


If you’re wondering where to buy a coffee plantation in Manizales, Colombia, you’ve come to the right place. This farm is only 15 minutes from downtown Manizales, right in the heart of Colombia’s Coffee Axis. You can choose between the Standard and Extended licenses, with the former allowing unlimited print rights and the latter allowing free distribution and resale of the photo for commercial purposes.

You can visit one of the local farms to see how coffee is grown. In addition to coffee plantations, you can also take a guided tour of the city. Manizales has several universities and is a great base to explore the coffee regions. You can also visit Pereira, the capital of the coffee region, and complete your coffee triangle tour by purchasing a bag of Colombian coffee. Here you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and buy the coffee beans you love.

The process of buying a coffee plantation in Colombia involves careful planning. You must decide how you will market the coffee and what type of quality or quantity of coffee you want to produce. Estate agents can help you locate suitable farms and check property titles, availability of labor, and other factors. This process can take time and energy, so you should seek professional advice and help. Buying coffee plantations in Colombia is lucrative, but it’s not for everyone.

There are many places where you can purchase a coffee plantation in Colombia. Some of the more popular places include Hacienda Venecia near Manizales, Hacienda Guayabal in Pereira, Don Manolo Coffee Farm in Pereira, and the Manizales Coffee Company. Buying a coffee plantation in Colombia is the perfect way to get your hands on an exclusive piece of the Colombian coffee market.


One can buy a 5-acre coffee plantation with a clear title and good revenue in Kodagu. The coffee estates in Kodagu are interplanted with pepper vines and orange trees. This beautiful location is easily accessible with its good roads and lush vegetation. A single acre of this plantation can be purchased for a price ranging from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 22 lakhs.

One such estate is Greenhills Estate in Kodagu. The owner, A.T. Chengapa, could not manage his estates due to his ill health. He had sold the estate’s 25 acres to pay off his debts. He owed the banks around Rs 40 lakh. His two daughters, Dalia and Sujatha, returned to the plantation to revive the family business. However, the young generation was not as familiar with the estates as the elders. They had gone away for education and did not know the nuances of maintaining a coffee plantation.

K.M. Appiah, the founder of K.M. Coffee Company, also offers plantations for sale in Kodagu. They conduct a discreet inquiry when they get a request to collaborate. They also visit the estates to assess whether the land is suitable for coffee cultivation. They prefer not to take over estates in areas with heavy rainfall. So, this would be a great option if you’re looking for a plantation.

Kodagu estate

In Kodagu, one of the most delicate coffee-growing areas in the world, you have to buy a plantation to grow the best coffee. This beautiful estate lies in the western ghats, 250 km from Bangalore. The area is teeming with Kodagu people, who welcome you with warm hospitality. You can wake up to birds’ sounds and roast coffee beans in the morning.

The district is famous for producing high-quality coffee, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place to grow the best quality coffee. Many Kodagu estates are suffering from aging owners and absentee managers running their estates long-distance. The planters who know how to manage their estates are getting old, and the younger generation lacks the knowledge and experience to run a successful coffee estate. Many have been away for educational purposes and do not have the expertise to maintain a profitable coffee estate.

If you are looking for a small but promising coffee plantation in Kodagu, you can check out the Suntikoppa Estate. It is 155 acres and is interplanted with pepper vines and rosewood. The land is also close to Madikeri, a thriving town. The asking price for a small coffee plantation in Kodagu is around Rs 24 lakh per acre.

Fortunately, a company called Care T Acres has rescued a sick estate and is now developing it. Their new owner, Antony Tharakan, has purchased land to expand the tank on his estate. The company has invested in infrastructure and has a long-term plan to generate reasonable profits for the estate. The company doesn’t borrow money from banks.


If you are looking for a place to buy coffee beans, you may wonder where to purchase them. Vilcabamba, Ecuador, is located in the Sacred Valley at around 1,700 meters. This small mountain town has a wide selection of specialty shops and a vibrant art scene. There are also numerous outdoor adventure activities nearby. If you are interested in coffee cultivation, you may consider purchasing some coffee beans from a coffee plantation in Vilcabamba.

The weather in Vilcabamba is delightful all year long. Temperatures rarely go below 60 degrees F, making it a nice place to visit. Some residents of the area may even prefer the mild climate of Vilcabamba to that of nearby Cuenca. The wettest months are January, February, and March. August and July can be dry and brown, but the weather is pleasant overall. As a result, Vilcabamba has become a tourist-dependent town; some businesses close on Mondays.